About Us

Groove Industries S.R.L. belongs to the founding companies of the Industrial Park of Villa El Salvador in those years, and has a local (plant) of 1200 square meters in the industrial zone of the thriving metropolis of Lima. The company contributes to the development of the country as well as to employ a significant number of Peruvians.

Groove Industries SRL, never rests, always innovating and perfecting their designs order to offer a premium product line with the highest global standards (USA and European Community). Proof of this is that INDUSTRIES SURCO S.R.L. INDECOPI has patented the Ecological Pollero Oven with gas burners and has a cattle market in large supermarkets in the city of Lima.

Groove Industries SRL, look to the future not as a challenge but as an opportunity to offer the user a product getting better prepared, more productive and always innovating in design. This responds to the mindset that permeates the company INDUSTRIES SRL GROOVE where the future is today.

All company follows the philosophy and mindset of founder Don Julio Surco who states:
“….. the thing is to stand in the middle and look around. There's always someone who needs what you do, but the commitment is to do better …. “